I have come
to tell you that the ducks have claimed
the baptismal room

nuns in knee skirts
and their coarse prayers:
blessed are the pornstars
blessed is the mother
whose belly is discolored
and swells with a storm.

The body of Christ must have
a chocolate filling
there are kids here, Father.

The blood of Christ is reserved
for 11 pm,
there are homophobic titos here, Father.

A boy asks the congregation for holy water
there are no
toilet papers.

Devotees drop twenty pesos
into the emptied ballsacks
of sakristans. Prostate clinks.

The purchased wish
for the cross to swirl
it is hell in here. Turn the crucifix to fan

spin Jesus, spin!



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Niko Dolar

Niko Dolar

just dumping dirty drafts here hehe dm me on twt @nikonikoweeee for points of improvement~ cheers!